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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Webb defeats Miller: How the Northern Valley Voted

The Democratic Senate primary was the only contest on the ballot in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Turnout numbers closely matched the statewide results, but valley voters expressed a definite preference for former Navy Secretary James Webb over former IT lobbyist Harris Miller.

The only locality with a close vote was Warren County, where Webb won by four votes.

Clarke County
Turnout: 3.27 percent

Miller: 90 votes, 31.69 percent
Webb: 194 votes, 68.31 percent

Frederick County
Turnout: 1.42 percent

Miller: 260 votes, 44.67 percent
Webb: 322 votes, 55.33 percent

Shenandoah County
Turnout: 2.16 percent

Miller: 171 votes, 33.20 percent
Webb: 344 votes, 66.80 percent

Warren County
Turnout: 1.66 percent

Miller: 172 votes, 49.43 percent
Webb: 176 votes, 50.57 percent

Turnout: 3.00 percent

Miller: 164 votes, 39.14 percent
Webb: 255 votes, 60.86 percent

— Source: Virginia State Board of Elections