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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The polls close in two hours. So, for your reading entertainment in the interim, some statistics about people who read this site. I've been meaning to post some of these things for awhile, but I haven't had a sufficient moment of boredom to do so until now.

Operating System
The vast majority of y'all are running Windows XP, 79 percent. About 13 percent are running some flavor of Mac OS X. Another 6 percent are running Windows 2000 (who are you people?) and 1 percent appear to be Linux folk. Yet another 1 percent are "unknown," which I'd take to be Windows Vista beta testers or some Windows 9x holdouts.

This one surprised me. Last time I checked, Firefox hadn't even registered yet. Now it's up to 30 percent. Internet Explorer 6.x is still winning at 66 percent, but it's falling fast, at least when it comes to users of this site. Safari 1.x still checks in at 3 percent and Netscape 5.x (remember that?) clings to life at 1 percent.

Of all the Internet service providers that hit this site, some 22 percent don't leave a calling card. But 11 percent are from Adelphia, 10 percent are from Comcast and 7 percent are from Verizon. Shentel, one of our local providers, checks in at 5 percent. We also get about 1 percent of our hits from the U.S. House and Senate each, the White House, the odd defense contractor and sundry folks in Capitol Square in Richmond.

What does all this mean? Not much, but I'm a geek with an hour or so to kill.