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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Primary Day

The polls have been open now for eight hours, and based on the reports trickling in to Daily Political HQ here in Strasburg, turn out is light. Unless you happen to live next door to the two Democratic candidates — former IT lobbyist Harris Miller or former Secretary of the Navy James Webb.

An uneasy quiet has fallen over both campaigns, at least from a media perspective. This reporter has had a hard time using iTunes for the past 10 days — the music kept getting interrupted with the chime of incoming e-mail from either Camp Webb or Camp Miller.

Now, operatives are at polling places, making last minute phone calls and handing out literature, as the candidates themselves press the flesh. No more mass communicatin' this go round ... they're one-at-a-timin' it now, as a Coen brothers character might say.

Meanwhile here in Strasburg, the Dr. Enuf is on ice, the T-1 line has been checked and re-checked and the political junkies are twitching.

And the clock ticks.