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Friday, May 05, 2006

Raw Data: Senate Challenges House to Act

UPDATE: Norman over at One Man's Trash has the House response. I'd post it myself, but I'm watching a parade.

Text of a letter from Senate budget conferees to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Del. Vince Callahan, R-McLean:

Dear Vince:

The people of Virginia deserve better treatment than they have received from the House of Delegates in recent days. Refusing to act on our transportation package is the latest example.

This Special Session was called to deal with both the budget and transportation. The Senate has been hard at work on the subcommittee and full committee levels. We have brought forth proposals for debate and passage on the floor of the Senate. However, that is where the progress stops.

We sent you a budget on April 19th, but your committee has not met to consider it. You asked for transportation measures divorced from the budget and we complied. We sent them to the House where they now languish with no votes to approve, reject, or amend. House action to delay consideration of the bills for 90 days telegraphs your desire to extend the Special Session into the late summer and fall, wasting taxpayer dollars.

Virginians expect progress, not procrastination. We all know how the system is supposed to work. However, the House’s refusal to do its job frustrates the procedure.

We have said repeatedly, if you do not like our transportation plans, send us yours. It has been 53 days since we entered this Special Session. So far, not a single piece of stand-alone legislation has been introduced to deal with transportation in the House.

It is not just our legislation that is being ignored. The needs of our citizens are being ignored. When will the House act?