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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Special Session: Recesses, bills and plans

Both House of Delegates and Senate have adjourned until this afternoon in order to give some new transportation plans a chance to go before committees. Senate Transportation goes first, followed by Senate Finance.

So far, we've seen Senate bills from Hampton Roads, the central Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia. Look for details here as soon as they're printed and distributed. Delegates began their day by passing their version of the budget and sending it to the Senate.

Will the deadlock break today, or will this grind on for weeks to come? Place your bets now.

UPDATED 1 p.m.: Region, heal thyself

The Senate Transportation committee has approved and sent on to Senate Finance a regional transportation improvement plan for both Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. But there was much grousing that such plans — which sponsors say must be enacted in addition to the Senate's statewide plan — weaken the Senate's overall bargaining position vis-a-vis the House of Delegates.

Senate Finance is meeting now. It's a very interesting day in Richmond.

UPDATE 2, 3 p.m.: "Little Napoleons"

The House of Delegates has packed it in until the Reconvened Session on April 19. On their way out the door, they held a blistering press conference where they pulled no punches, and laid the blame for the situation squarely at the feet of the Senate. Del. Vince Callahan, R-McLean, went so far as to refer to the upper chamber as "the little Napoleons down the hall."

I'll post a very interesting story about the whole situation here later. Updates as events happen.