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Friday, April 07, 2006

Psuedoephederine laws on the books

With only a handful of exceptions, the new federal laws dealing with methamphetamine precursor drugs are the strictest in the nation.
The following are the laws on the books in the Old Dominion and surrounding jurisdictions:

• Virginia — Currently under an emergency order that keeps single-entity drugs behind a counter, sales limits, ID and logbook provisions also enforced. Gel caps, liquids and pediatric drugs exempt. Legislation making the rules permanent are now pending before Gov. Timothy M. Kaine.
• West Virginia — Single-entity drugs must be kept behind the counter, with an exception for pediatric formulations. Purchase limits, photo ID and a logbook are also required.

• North Carolina — Single-entity drugs must be kept behind a counter, sold only in certain quantities to purchasers with a photo ID and who sign a logbook.
Liquid, pediatric and combination formulations are exempted, but may not be sold to those under age 18.
• Tennessee — Any drugs containing pseudoephedrine can only be sold from a licensed pharmacy to a purchaser showing ID and signing a logbook. Gel caps and liquids are exempted from the law. Possession of more than 20 grams of any precursor drugs at any time is considered prima facie evidence of an intent to manufacture methamphetamine.
• Maryland — No current laws, two bills to restrict the sale of precursor drugs were killed by the House of Delegates’ Judiciary Committee earlier this year.
• District of Columbia — No laws on the books or legislation pending.
— Sources: National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Maryland General Assembly, D.C. City Council