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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A note on 'Raw Data' posts

From the news R&D department...

You've probably seen a few posts here with the 'Raw Data' tag in the headline. That probably bears some explanation. With the addition of bloggers to a number of political press release distribution lists, information once confined to newsrooms is moving out to a wider audience.

'Raw Data' aims to make that audience wider. As with our new ability to post audio clips and documents, 'Raw Data' is one way to let the rest of the world see more of what's going on as a story moves from event to print.

When you see 'Raw Data,' you'll know that this information is being presented as it came straight from the source — the font might get changed and the e-mail headers removed, but you're seeing what landed on our electronic doorstep. They'll be linked to originals when possible. You'll see what we see.

That's not to say you'll see every press release that lands in the political inbox. The average media outlet gets 9 billion (give or take) press releases and statements every day, so we've got to do some sifting. But the ones that have important connections to developing stories from Richmond and Washington — and will help widen our readers' window into events — will get the "Raw Data" treatment.

Got a press release? Send it here.