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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who wants limeade?

Wednesday was an interesting day to be in the General Assembly Building. Budget and Transportation issues notwithstanding, there was a definite "last week of school" vibe about the building.

Committee rooms are empty, calendars have fewer and fewer pages and it's not uncommon to hear the odd group of punchy legislators crack wise on the floor of the House of Delegates.

That has things kind of slow in the press dungeon. Until Wednesday afternoon, anyway, when a little birdie told the press corps that Gov. Tim Kaine was very, very thirsty, and would be on his way to Chickens for a limeade ... oh, and he might take some questions.

There's plenty out there about the ensuing press conference, and neither I nor the iBook of Mild Peril can add anything to it here, except to pass on this tidbit...

The press gaggle was in the Patrick Henry Building's elevator lobby, a place determined by physicists to be the single most likely place to find a House or Senate page making a food run for a legislator. Gov. Kaine was standing close to the elevators in the hot glare of TV cameras, when the doors opened to reveal a young page.

The poor kid peeked out, saw the governor and the press corps. After freezing for two eye-bugged seconds, he just leaned back into the elevator and let the door close.

Most people don't expect to find the Governor and 97 reporters between them and a limeade...

**Pictured above is iBook of Mild Peril, hard at work in the spiffy Capitol Square office of the Northern Virginia Daily. Once again, this photo is largely unrelated to the post, but I brought the camera, and thus others must suffer as well.