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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Richmond. March. Where to start?

The best way to describe the day in Richmond is with a vignette from the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. One hour to meet, 49 bills on the docket. A lot of them controversial.

At last check, both House and Senate were still grinding away. Today is the last day they can act on revenue bills or appoint conference committees.

Also in Capitol Square today:

• "Leighty-gate"
The fun started by 'Not Larry Sabato' was the talk of the press corps, and made an appearance on tonight's local broadcast outlets. There's been enough written about this by everyone else, and I can't add anything new.

• STAR 2, Gilbert et al 0
A second attempt to reign in VDOT's plans for I-81 went down on a 7-to-6 vote in the House Rules Committee today. But, there was some nice singing by a group from Shenandoah University to ease the pain. And Del. Leo Wardrup, Virginiaai Beach, realized it might not be a good idea to criticize the bill of a 6-foot-6-inch tall or more delegate when he's standing right behind you.

I'll post that story later...

• Oh Shenandoah, you'll wait 'til next year...
The aforementioned singing was for an effort to make a revised version of Shenandoah the state song. But it was not to be. Shenandoah, no matter the words, has been tabled.

As for now, the entire political department of The Daily is torn between heading to Extra Billy's or Schlotzsky's, neither of which are native to the Northern Shenandoah Valley...

**Pictured above is the statue of Gov. Harry F. Byrd, of Winchester, just outside the General Assembly Building. It is infact completely unrelated to this post, but I took the picture with a new camera and it'd be a shame to see it go to waste, no matter how bad or irrelevant it is.