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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Northern Shenandoah Valley Crossover Scorecard

Another great example of a graphic from the Daily that looks much better on paper. Of course, you knew that, because you bought one this morning. Right?

General Assembly bills still alive are either under consideration, incorporated into other surviving bills or passed by one chamber and pending in the other.

Bill totals do not reflect resolutions or joint resolutions.

Del. Clay Athey, R-Front Royal

Noteworthy legislation:
HB 1506, which makes the vast majority of the state’s local governments eligible to accept zoning proffers — passed.
HB 1111, which would have prohibited anyone without a physical therapy license from advertising physical therapy services — failed.

Bills introduced: 22
Bills still alive: 15
Passed House: 12

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock

Noteworthy legislation:
HB 782, which makes murder conspirators, not just the “triggerman,” eligible for the death penalty — passed.
HJR 143: Would have stopped the state’s negotiations with STAR Solutions to build a truck tollway along the length of I-81 — failed.

Bills introduced: 10
Bills still alive: 5
Passed House: 5

Del. Joe May, R-Leesburg

Noteworthy legislation:
HB 816, which restricts the use of data collected by automatic recorders in cars — passed.
HB 1120, which would have legalized radar detectors — failed.

Bills introduced: 16
Bills still alive: 8
Passed House: 7

Del. Beverly Sherwood, R-Winchester

Noteworthy legislation:
HB 1004, which makes the Office of Commonwealth Preparedness a permanent position — passed.
HB 344, which would have required owners of all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles to get titles for the machines from the Department of Motor Vehicles — failed.

Bills introduced: 12
Bills still alive: 8
Passed House: 7
Passed both chambers: 1

Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg

Noteworthy legislation:
SB 345, makes selling fake ID cards a felony — passed.
SB 334, which would have required libraries that receive state funding to use pornography filters on Internet connected computers — failed.

Bills introduced: 19
Bills still alive: 8
Passed Senate: 6
Passed both chambers: 1

Sen. H. Russell Potts Jr., R-Winchester

Noteworthy legislation:
SB 686, which would raise the sales tax to pay for transportation initiatives — combined with main Senate plan, SB 708, still pending.
SB 599, which would have required physical education for high school juniors and seniors — failed.

Bills introduced: 6
Bills still alive: 4
Passed Senate: 3

— Source: General Assembly Legislative Information Services