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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In brief: Tate cries foul over vote to save Potts

WINCHESTER — One of the candidates seeking to replace state Sen. H. Russell Potts Jr., R-Winchester, in 2007 is crying foul over the vote that retained Potts’ leadership position.

Mark Tate, Potts’ opponent in the 2003 Republican primary, decried last week’s Republican split in the Senate, in which Potts and three others voted to allow the former independent gubernatorial candidate to keep his seat at the head of the Health and Education Committee.

“It is beyond outrageous that any individual can acquire, then abuse the Republican nomination and party label that elected him to his office, then betray the very voters that provided him that nomination and affiliation by actively seeking another office — in mid-term, no less — as an independent running against the party’s legitimate nominee,” Tate says in a statement.

“But it is no less disgusting to see a few Republican officeholders aid and abet such blatant disloyalty by voting to allow him to ‘return to the fold,’ no questions asked and join a unanimous vote of the Senate Democrats.”

Tate pledged to maintain “party integrity” if elected and challenged potential rivals Jill Holtzman-Vogel and Phil Griffin to do the same.