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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Trail notes...

Kaine: Oil Companies Shouldn't Raise Prices

RICHMOND — It didn’t take long for $3 per gallon gasoline to become a political football.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine called on oil companies to hold their prices steady Thursday, in light of Hurricane Katrina.

“Virginia’s economy depends on the gasoline that fuels our cars to get us to work every morning, take our kids to school, and to keep our businesses going,” said Kaine. “I call today on our oil companies to do their civic duty and volunteer to hold gas prices steady while we work to determine the scope of the damage to Gulf Coast refineries and distribution lines.”

“At a time when the oil industry experienced an increase of $26 billion in net income last year, I call on them to match the sacrifice of citizens who are already paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas,” Kaine said. “I encourage other state and federal officials to join me in this call for an act of patriotism by America’s oil producers.”

Two major gas pipelines that serve Virginia and other parts of the East Coast were damaged. One is back in partial service, the other will be in a matter of days.

GOP nominee Jerry Kilgore’s campaign called Kaine’s statements a “shameless publicity stunt” and hypocritical, pointing out that Kaine has supported higher gas taxes in the past, including recent weeks, before Katrina struck.
— Daily Staff Report