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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Other questions from the Mason-Dixon poll

In terms of services you receive, how would you categorize the state taxes you pay in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Much too high: 19 percent
Little too high: 25 percent
About right: 47 percent
Too low: 5 percent
Not sure: 4 percent

In order to improve transportation in Virginia, which one of the following options do you support?

28 percent — Use the state budget surplus to fund road construction
17 percent — Increase funding for public transportation
13 percent — Raise and expand tolls to fund road construction
8 percent — Raise the state gas tax to fund road construction
3 percent — Cut other parts of the state budget to fund road construction
12 percent — There is no need to increase transportation spending
19 percent — Other/Not sure

Do you feel the Standards of Learning, generally known as SOL, have improved the quality of public education?
Yes: 32 percent
No: 44 percent
Not sure: 24 percent

Which one of the following endorsements would most influence your decision regarding which candidate to support in the race for governor?

Gov. Mark R. Warner: 23 percent
Sen. George Allen: 12 percent
President George W. Bush: 10 percent
Mayor and former Gov. Doug Wilder: 8 percent
Sen. John Warner: 7 percent
Former Sen. and Gov. Chuck Robb: 3 percent
None would influence: 34 percent
Not sure: 3 percent

— Source: Mason Dixon Polling and Research. Margin of error plus or minus 4 percent.