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Friday, July 29, 2005

Notes from the trail... B2

It’s not uncommon for political candidates in Virginia to hold conference calls with people who publish political news. It is uncommon, though, for gubernatorial candidates to hold exclusive conference calls with people who do their publishing on the World Wide Web.

Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine did just that on Wednesday, taking questions from seven bloggers who follow Virginia politics.

Blogs, also known as Web logs, are Internet publications, often operated by one person, that allow anyone with an Internet connection to publish whatever they want for the entire world to see.

A growing number of the new publications pay close attention to politics, including the politics of the Old Dominion.

Those invited included three conservative-leaning writers, Wise County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chad Dotson, writer of Commonwealth Conservative; former executive director of U.S. Term Limits Norman Leahy, writer of One Man’s Trash; and Will Vehrs, one of the authors of Bacon’s Rebellion.

Kaine also invited three writers of the alternate political persuasion, 14-year-old Kenton Ngo, writer of 750 Volts; Lowell Feld, author of Raising Kaine; and Charlottesville-area activist Waldo Jaquith, author of an eponymous blog.
Washington Post writer-blogger Michael Shear was also invited.
— Daily Staff Report

Even with this week’s polls showing him in a statistical dead heat with Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine in the race for the governor’s mansion, Republican Jerry Kilgore’s stock is going up.

Almost literally.

TradeSports, a futures market based in Ireland, is offering futures contracts on all three of Virginia’s gubernatorial possibilities that pay $100 per share if the subject of the contract wins, nothing if he doesn’t.

As of Thursday, the former attorney general was trading at $53 on a very low volume. Kaine was trading with similar volume at $45. Independent candidate H. Russell Potts Jr., R-Winchester, was trading at $2.

Other Virginia-related contracts on the exchange include Republican and Democratic presidential nominee offerings for both Gov. Mark R. Warner and U.S. Sen. George Allen.

Allen’s contract was trading at $20.60, just ahead of the second-highest priced contender, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., at $19.60. Warner’s contract was trading at $11.80, second only to U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton at $46.50.
— Daily Staff Report